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What is WordPress and what are its benefits


WordPress a world-leading CMS (Content Management System) which was based on two languages PHP and MySQL. Today when we freely surfing on any blogging based website and find him very interesting and attract its because of that primary tool WordPress because they made him very interesting and full of attraction basically it will be associated with blogging but meantime it supports different types of web content including media galleries, mailing lists, discussion forum, social networks, membership sites, and eCommerce stores. This CMS based software is designed for everyone due to her unique security, performance and accentuate accessibility and easy to use. WordPress is the simplest and easiest most famous way to create any type of website or blog. It is open source software which created a standalone project nowadays it’s made by a huge community of contributors. WordPress is for everyone, it is used by individuals, big business tycoons, and everyone in between. World best well-known entities use this software including the official website of Whitehouse, Rolling stones and Microsoft official blog uses WordPress as well.


Benefits of WordPress

In earlier, we know that WordPress is free software and also free as in Freedom which means you are free to download, install, use and modify it when you wanted. Any type of website will be created with the help of this open source software that defines the source code of the software is feasible for anyone who wants to study, use, and modify it. WordPress theme is an excellent starting palace for beginners and dependable and calm platform for experts. Benefits or this software is uncountable because of its unique feature if you describe their easy accessibility then how much you explain they were more ease they your imagination. However, some basics benefits of this software are given below which give you a way to understand their credibility and nature.

  • WordPress is playing a role of an engine for your website the glance and feel of the site can be 100% personalized so your brand can be sparkling through on your website and provide a rare experience to your visitors.
  • In 2003 this software was originally created for blogging purpose and now these days this capability was more shining form because if desired setting up in RSS/ email subscription to your blog, commenting facilities, and automatically adding the most neoteric blog posts to other pages of the site is very simple and easy and make your site more dynamic and interactive.
  • If you want to add a Facebook Fan Box, video gallery, Linkedin Feeds and occasion calendar and more to your site WordPress make this feasible with plugins most of them are in your reach and free of cost.
  • WordPress gives you a complete controlling system in your hand no need of waiting for your web designer comes to make simple updates to your site. You have controlled almost every aspect of your site.
  • This modern open source software is very easy to use and has a visceral interface. Adding new pages, blog posts, images, videos etc on routine bases is a breeze and can be done very quickly. Only this software technology gave you a very pleasant environment in which you feel very ease.
  • There is no need of HTML editing software FTP software because this software is a self-contained system not require any software for upload your documents, video files, image galleries etc all works are done by itself instead of any software.
  • The coding behind WordPress is very elegant and simple form making it easy for search engines to read and mark a site’s content. And in addition to each page, blog post and image can have its own meta tag keywords, explanation and title and can be amended for specific keywords allowing for very precise search engine expansion.
  • WordPress sites are very flexible you have several hundreds of pages and blog posts on your site and the performance of the site will not be conciliated in the least.
  • You can set up for multiple users for the site and assign the access levels to them against the competence of each user. Only this software has given such type of surroundings.
  • WordPress is browser-based software. You can log in from any internet connected computer and manage your site from anywhere around the globe

WordPress empowers the nearly one-third majority of the global websites from beginners/ personal blogs to the multiple sites of the world famous multinational organizations like Time, Sony, Washington Post etc WBC. This powerful open hand source software in only one of the site builders and content management systems uses can be download and install it absolutely free. Her unique and constant features were ranking him no 1 position in the list of content management systems. It provides the essentials tools for a building a website. With an array of features such as themes and plugins designed to extend its functions more. Hopefully, you like my little effort and recognize the benefits of WordPress.

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